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Try to describe your business in one solid sentence, which will tell a potential customer exactly what you do and why they should use your products or services instead of a competitors.

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Describe some of the work you've done in the past, or the personalized care that goes into each project. Make sure to use high quality images or enlist the help of a photographer, who can help give your pictures that professional feel.

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Remember that your customers will always have a choice, and the job of your website is to convince them that you are the best choice. Be it value, unmatched quality, or decades of experieince... highlight what you believe is the strongest selling point of your business, and stand behind it!

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A client’s recommendation is a powerful thing, but it has to be believable. If you highlight testimonials on your homepage or within your site, be sure that it is genuine. Rather than overwhelm your visitors with dozens of testimonials, it can be a better idea to just highlight 3-5 that really stand out. Sometimes the best testimonials come from people who had some unexpected complications involved with their purchase that you helped them overcome.
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